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Talk about List of uploaded files

Is this the prelude to ppl being able to upload files?

Susan Jarvis 2005-06-02 15:45 UTC

The sequence for uploading files is available now, in the section under Editing pages.

– Modemac 2005-06-02 16:36 UTC


By the way, due to various lazy reasons, I'm no longer persuing my art-based wiki. I was wondering if you would be interested in the Perl script as I deviated it. It comes with a CSS file and some images - all tailored to that black and orange look I like, but easily bent to your own will.

Susan Jarvis 2005-06-02 18:49 UTC

Feel free to email it to me at, if you'd like. I should probably put a notice up that this site isn't a giant file upload area, and my space isn't unlimited. Files and pictures are certainly welcome, but I can't handle hundreds and hundreds of pictures…of the type that IMBJR is certainly famous for. :)

– Modemac 2005-06-02 19:17 UTC

I shall e-mail my script.

No worries concerning a potential flood, I'm only interested in putting some core SubG template pieces here and anything that may illustrate future articles with a view to keeping file sizes down.

You of course can limit the size of the file being uploaded. However, my web server would rather gracelessly report "CGI Internal error: 413 Request entity too large" and no manner of convincing it to use the 413 template worked.

Susan Jarvis 2005-06-02 21:04 UTC

Good point, I hadn't thought of that. I took a look at the upload limit, and there seems to be no difference in the size of an article and the size of an uploaded file; the same setting governs the maximum size of each. So for the time being, I set the maximum filesize (and article size) to 32K; this should be more than enough for just about any file and/or page here.

– Modemac 2005-06-02 23:15 UTC

Good. I hope that doesn't cause a problem with the stuff I've already uploaded … nop, just checked. Interestingly, I just exceeded the 10(?) connections in a given time frame limit - you will see from my Perl script that I bumped that up to 40 - but that was because I had a gallery of images that was stressing the number of connections permitted.

I just realised that the uploaded files list is not automatic. I shall have to add what I've got to it, but anyone accessing the page after a certain number of images have been added to the page may encounter that 10 connections limitation.

Susan Jarvis 2005-06-03 12:25 UTC

On second thoughts, that limitation will not be triggered as you've wisely linked to them instead of thumbnailing them.

Susan Jarvis 2005-06-03 12:26 UTC

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