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Talk about Ministry of Truth

I just got:

Error: 503 Service Unavailable Address already in use

Server CoralWebPrx/0.1.12 (See at

When I followed the BitTorrent link.

-- IMBJR 2005-03-05 15:48 UTC

Also: the main page has no links from it. Hope they are just re-designing the place.

-- IMBJR 2005-03-05 16:03 UTC

Are you trying to login from behind a firewall or from work? The site is on a non-standard port (8090) which are blocked by many schools and workplaces.

-- linuxkungfu 2005-03-05 16:52 UTC

I can see the port reference in the URL, so Firefox should be able to handle that.

Ah, it's working now.

-- IMBJR 2005-03-05 16:58 UTC

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