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Talk about The Foundry

Sorry if I've been making a mess in here but I learn by my 'Errors' ! I have made good in the end (and better than last time). I may have made an orphan page called The_Foundy (if it's possible to make orphans ???) I think Devivals should be a page but not done it ! ESPIRA and MONTY (or other willing zombie) I have added the Foundry and put Bill Drummond and KLF as links but not filled it in. Isle of jura £1000000 burn should be added as it's official whisky !!!! Enuff ! Error

– error 2005-02-28 20:47 UTC

heck. another mistype. for someone who used to proof read, I can really be lazy about checking my own stuff.

PopePhilMonty 2005-03-01 12:05 UTC

I'll take care of those things when I spot them, no worries.

– Modemac 2005-03-01 14:47 UTC

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