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Talk about The Gallery

they (worth1000) must block direct linking.

I posted the pic to my page at [1]

linuxkungfu 2005-03-08 23:48 UTC

Be sure to put [ brackets ] around a URL if you want to put a pointer to it.

I didn't know comments would have Wiki code wrappers applied to them as well. I thought it was a free text field. sorry

linuxkungfu 2005-03-09 00:45 UTC

Hm; what's the deal with how this page keeps getting collapsed into the sea of text? It seems that it keeps having to be fixed, which is kind of strange. Is it someone being a jerk, or some sort of bug? Or just someone bein' a moron?

Rev. Syung Myung Me 2005-07-15 22:58 UTC

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