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Talk about Zardoz

John Boorman is one seriously messed up guy (which may not be a bad thing). I learned that when I got the DVD of Excalibur and heard his commentary on it. You know that really explicit sex scene at the beginning of the movie – the one that any teenage sci-fi/fantasy geek knows and never forgets? That was Boorman's own daughter doing that scene. In his commentary, Boorman said she "didn't mind" doing that scene, and neither did he. There's just something…not quite right about a film director filming his own daughter stripping and doing a fake-sex scene, with the camera panning down her body and giving a nice loving close-up of…the good stuff.

I saw Zardoz at the annual 24-hour science fiction film marathon that screens once a year in the Boston area. Watching it in a theater full of six hundred hard-core SF geeks almost made the movie tolerable.

– Modemac 2005-08-16 23:49 UTC

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