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Ted Jesus Christ GOD

Ted Jesus Christ GOD

It's shocking enough to be treated to a big photo of Ted with his full beard and head of hair – and shirtless, for you drooling women – when you first load this page; his picture is even more startling than the nuclear explosion picture at the top. But even more disturbing than this are the rambling screeds that make up Ted's web site. Ted is convinced he is the TRUE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST and THE CREATOR…and he proceeds to prove his point with dozens of pages of statements that look like this:

"…TED NEVER had plucked eyebrows or shaven them and DID get TOO CLOSE to fire and these were burned ACCIDENTALLY and is WHY left eyebrow looks less and was burned! When TOO CLOSE to fire! TED has WARNED TEDians and this is a nuclear war to HUGE NUCLEAR WAR is EMINENT even now how looking! I TOLD YOU to GET to NON TARGET AREAS! I TOLD YOU SO and this how looking will still happen sooner or later! May be delayed now because after TED has been WARNING some have been TRYING to ATTEMPTING to STOP and DETER and DELAY or to COMPLETELY STOP! This is we have been in WORLD Earth what is now really WEVILD Earth WAR III and this for over 50 years now and SOME will ATTEMPT even now how looking will TRY or ATTEMPT or ATTEMPT or TRY to CONQUER ALL of WEVILD Earth with HUGE NUCLEAR MISSILES and WEAPONS!"

The wildest and most insane link is the one currently labeled: "Internet Site SNAPSHOT 01_21_2008 – This will be ALL LINKS BROKEN to this in 3 Weeks and therefore ENTIRE Internet Site Imports will NOT get this any further. You have at maximum 3 weeks additional to access through links from this index page and then ALL Links to this to Index Page will be PERMANENTLY BROKEN!" This page goes on and on on…and ON…for interminable lengths, while occasionally interrupted by high-quality pictures copied from various other Web sites of angels, dragons, and women in bondage gear. (Huh?!?)

As if that's not enough, Ted has recorded videos of himself and made them available on YouTube for everyone to see…and hear…and be AMAZED. (I can think of a few other words besides "AMAZED" to describe your reactions to these things.) Let ol' Ted guide you to his video page: "You REALLY NEED to READ and STUDY and GET THROUGH this entire page and some TED Jesus Christ GOD Videos can be on YouTube seen at"