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Tex Avery

The two most famous names in animation are Walt Disney and Chuck Jones, but any true lover of animation will know name of the true king of cartoons: Tex Avery. Avery pioneered a style of animation that has influenced countless directors and even live-action movies; he broke away from Disney's ultra-realistic style and worked under his own mantra: In a cartoon, you can do anything! Tex Avery was responsible for many of the wildest, craziest, sexiest, and funniest cartoons of all time…but because Tex was actually a quiet, shy fellow in real life, he never got the attention he deserved during his lifetime. But his legend lives on, and this wonderful Web site offers a glimpse into the wonderful insanity of Tex Avery's animated world.

Back in 1993, I shelled out $100 for a laserdisc set that is still one of my prized possessions: The Compleat Tex Avery. Even though laserdiscs are obsolete and ancient history now, I still prize this collection because it has yet to be duplicated on DVD. And it seems unlikely that many of these cartoons will ever see the light of day again, because these days they'd be considered…gasp…politically incorrect!
Also, one of the first books to take a serious, scholarly look at animation was published in 1975, entitled Tex Avery - King of Cartoons. Animation fanboys and historians who track this book down and read it will be find it very much worth the effort.