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Top of the Food Chain

It's a SubGenius movie!

It's got everything, a handsome pipe-smoking man, flying saucers, tentacle pr0n, incest, cannibalism, zombies, shemale blow-up sex dolls, and even a LITTLE sex-hurt.

I didn't expect much from this one … science fiction spoofs don't tend to be very funny (although I like Mars Attacks, which also has an obvious "Bob" Dobbs ripoff character). I don't really like spoofs in general really; if you want to mock a movie, I think just do it the Mystery Science Theater 3000 way, just run it in all it's glory and yell at the screen. That's where everybody gets their funny ideas for spoofs, anyway. The only thing worse is science fiction or horror that is kind of for real, but goes tongue-in-cheek all the way … so that it ruins the possibility of the science fiction being interesting, because you've deflated that, but it doesn't really have much of a chance of being funny, because it's being just serious enough to ruin that too (like pretty much every HP Lovecraft film ever made).

But this one was actually pretty funny. I'm surprised I never heard of it (probably because it was made by the WILY CANADIANS, so good red-blooded Americans refused to go see it), when it was first released I think I vaguely remember watching it flit by my radar screen like a mosquito in a jet engine blast. It came and went so fast I assumed it was crap.

It wasn't a movie that had me in hysterics through much of it, but it makes a lot to make me laugh. There were moments that had me in hysterics though (the "Bob" Dobbs' character's one-liners while he was fighting the alien leader were classic). It's really well done all the way through, the comedy is good, and somehow it's better acted than most comedy. There's a balance you have to have for comedy to work, between being serious enough with your character for his absurdities to really seem absurd, but at the same time having to be absurd enough to be funny. They really hit it well with this one. Funny all the way through with moments that were hilarious. Plus the evil hottie government agent with the George Harrison haircut had parts of me in knots through the whole thing. (But sadly they missed the chance to do any sex things with her. DAMNED CANADIANS!)

I thought the second half was better than the first half … so if you watch it be patient. The first half is a little slower although there are good moments, but the really good moments are mostly in the second half.

review by Zapanaz

(This movie has been released on video with the title Invasion!.)