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Texas Chainsaw Massacre II (1982)

I've seen this movie 10-12 times AND IT JUST GETS FUNNIER EVERY TIME.

This film has no redeeming social qualities. It's violent. It's gory. It's mean-spirited and sadistic. It's unrelentingly ferocious. And the acting is WAY over the top.

The demented little monologues written for Bill Moseley and Jim Siedow make this movie - "Oooh Leatherface you bitch! Look what you did to my Sonny Bono wig! Nam flashback! Nam flashback!" These guys even out-crazy Dennis Hopper. Bill Johnson does a great physical acting job as a kinder, gentler Leatherface.

Maybe Hooper et al made this film to capitalize on the success of the first "TCM". So what. It's actually a better film - looser, more rambunctious.

Rob Zombie has used this movie as basis for his entire cinematic output. Modern horror movies owe more to this little gem than anyone would care to admit.