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The AOL Sucks Page


You've heard about America Online. Everyone knows about America Online, because they promote themselves ceaselessly. They've inserted "Free AOL Software" disks (and now CD-ROMs) into every magazine out there even vaguely related to the Net, and they have big promotions for dozens and dozens of Big Businesses of all kinds. America Online is the perfect Conspiracy vision of what the "information superhighway" should be: lots of flashy graphics (that take forever to load), control over every single user (censorship is rampant on AOL!), and expensive! Any Net service provider is far less expensive than AOL, which is why AOL doesn't like it when people hear about other, cheaper ways to access the Internet. (In fact, the SubGenius newsgroup alt.slack was banned from AOL because its users criticized them!) So when this Web page dedicated to bashing AOL was created, they took the standard Conspiracy move: they tried to crush the page with a lawsuit. This, of course, made the page more popular than ever. Come to this link and learn everything AOL doesn't want you to know!

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