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The Anti-Nazi Web Ring


With the rise of racist, hate-promoting sites on the Net, courageous individuals have taken up the gauntlet and set up their own sites to monitor hate groups and expose their propaganda for the lies that they are. Hatewatch is one such group: it provides links to many vitriolic, abhorrent Web sites, thus making it easy for you to see what these people are really like. Unfortunately, some of the anti-hate groups feel that they have to resort to censorship in combatting their enemies: like the hate group themselves, they are calling on Internet service providers to ban "hate speech" from their servers. The First Online Church of "Bob" stands firmly for free speech, in that this site does not believe that silencing hate speech is the answer. The way to combat hate speech isn't to try to shut it up; rather, the best method of countering hate speech is by letting both sides speak their minds. It is up to you to decide who is right and who is wrong…and I am certain that anyone with one-sixteenth of a brain will realize that true Slack cannot be found by believing in hate. Why should we have to stoop to their methods, when ours work better?