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The Bible Code Digest

You can retroactively foretell the future! You write the original characters of the Bible in a particular type of grid, and look for prophecies! It's all the fun of fortune telling combined with the pure joy of word searches!

Seriously – this is pretty silly. First off, you realize how long the Bible is? It's not exactly a magazine here. And, well, if you can basically look all around in any which way for messages? You're basically going to find something. And since it's predictions, you can be as vague as you want! Why would God tell you essential information about the future in a straight-forward manner? Why say: "Hey, there's this dude who's gonna be named Hitler – don't let him become a dictator, a'ight?" when you can say "Where? Here. There is a Swastika for Your Friend, So You Can Calm Down", huh?

Rev. Syung Myung Me