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The Big Book of Conspiracies

The Big Book Of… series of graphic books must have been printed especially for SubGenii, because it seems as if each and every one of those books appeals directly to us. The theme of each book is the same: Told in a comic-book graphic format, we are given a sarcastic look at the long history of certain social trends of the fringe elements of our society, which have had a long-range effect that has served to shape history. Sample titles from this series include the Big Book of Death, Big Book of Urban Legends, Big Book of Martyrs, and so on. My favorite is the Big Book of Conspiracies, a wise-mouthed book that can easily be subtitled "A Basic Introduction to Conspiracy Theories." They touch base with all of the biggest crackpot theories of history – the JFK assassination, the Black Helicopters, the UFOs, the Freemasons, the Men in Black – and treat each and every theory presented as the truth…which only makes the reader wonder just which ones are only delusions, and which ones just possibly could be the real truth…

Here's an added bonus: the Freemasons don't like this book! Here's a link to a Freemasonry page debunking the ''Big Book of Conspiracies'', so you can see their own side of the story.