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The Big Bubble

Rev. Syung Myung Me: Part IV of the Mole Trilogy; at some point, the Residents decided that instead of just doing a straight trilogy of which The Mark of the Mole and The Tunes of Two Cities would be the first and second parts of, they'd rather do two trilogies, one based on the culture (which The Mark of the Mole would start) and one based on the music of the two cultures (which The Tunes of Two Cities would start). This is part of the second trilogy. It takes place after the two cultures have intermingled and interbred – though there's still discrimination towards the Moles, and the original Mole language, Mohelmot, has been banned.

However, there was an anonymously released single called "The Big Bubble" that was sung in Mohelmot – it became not only a hit single, but also a Mole-Identity Rallying Cry, and the anonymous group (now named "The Big Bubble" after their single) was tapped to record an album.

The Big Bubble is this album, and it's a collection of pop songs recorded in Mohelmot – a fake language that's basically sung as gibberish. On this album, the gibberish vocals were recorded first and the musical tracks were built around them. This is one of the least popular Residents albums; I don't think it's as bad as all that, but I don't really enjoy it much either. I liked it much better the first time I listened to it than the last time I listened to it relatively recently. This isn't really an essential album, and not a good place to start, honestly. It's worth picking up at some point, though, but there's a reason it's one of the forgotten Residents albums.