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The Big Lebowski

Indeed a subgenius film. If for no other reason then the fact that "The Dude" is obviously Stang from another dimension. A lazier dimension. "The Dude's" (His Dudeness's) exploits through adversity clearly illustrate the path of least resistance. His insistence at protecting his beverage while being roughed up by pink toughs demonstrates to all of us the concept of "true priorities".

The question is: Do we, as actual flesh and blood subgenii have the courage, no, the slack to go to the supermarket in a bathrobe and write a check for .69 for a quart of our favorite dairy product, which, by the way, we have already opened, because, really, courage doesn't enter into it. It's about slack. "The Dude" has slack. But he has absolutely no courage. He needs none. Despite his powerful enemies, "The Dude" prevails. "The Dude" abides.