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The Call of Cthulhu

The makers of this film stumbled upon an idea that ranks at the level of sheer genius: if you're going to make a film about the Cthulhu Mythos, then why not make it an authentic period piece – namely, a true black and white silent film made in the same style as the films of the silent era? With this in mind, these guys went and made their own movie about Cthulhu, borrowing heavily from such 1920s icons as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

The result?

Rev. Ivan Stang writes: "I have seen it!

"It is absolutely the most faithful to Lovecraft of any adaptation I've seen, and I've seen most. It's also a desktop video done by fans. There are 'rowing to the Atlantean island' scenes that are filmed in somebody's back yard with the ocean waves represented by CELOPHANE RIBBONS BLOWN BY ELECTRIC FANS and CARDBOARD CUT-OUTS of ROCKS. AND YET… and yet… in a fucked-up way it works, and if you love Lovecraft, it's something you've waited years to see. I admire the SPUNK of these amateurs.

"I will wait a few more years to see it redone on a proper budget.

"You'll love it, I predict. It's great badfilm.

"It is somewhat like (but better than) the ultra-cheapo War of the Worlds done in 2005, not the Spielberg 2005 one nor the made-for-TV-like 2005 one, but an el-cheapo 3-hour one which is absolutely faithful to every line of the original novel and SUCKS HILARIOUSLY partly because of that."