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The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert is the counterpoint to Rush Limbaugh that liberals have been waiting for since the 1980s. The Colbert Report started out as a spinoff of The Daily Show, but Colbert put his own twist on it with his dead-on portrayal of a Christian, God-fearing conservative TV talk show host whose only concern is for himself…I mean, for the Jesus-loving citizens of America. (And don't you forget it!) His schtick was so good, it fooled the Republican Party into inviting him to the annual White House Press Corps dinner in 2006, where he gave a blistering attack on the President, the administration, and the media that they still haven't recovered from. Colbert's star rose rapidly after that, and since 2006 his show has been the focal point for hip, cool, satirical political TV commentary. The jokes are often obvious, but the satire frequently hits the mark…so much so that in the spring of 2007, a conservative "political humor" show called The Half Hour News Hour debuted to challenge Colbert (and Jon Stewart, too).

The best part is that Stephen Colbert is actually a fellow geek at heart! While his scripts are obviously written for him (this is TV, after all), he earnestly and believably delivers lines like "That is the sound of pure Wakandan vibranium!" (when Marvel Comics sent him Captain America's shield as a gift), and especially when he does his regular sermons on "The Wørd." The Colbert Report is in its prime right now. Whether the show can sustain itself over the long run remains to be seen (especially after the 2008 Presidential election), but for now an evening double dose of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (remember, the T's are silent!) is enough to cure any hippie liberal of his political blues.

And to top it all off, Stephen Colbert has his owk wiki! Be sure to check out Wikiality to get your own sample of truthiness on the Internets.