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The Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia


Because the Conspiracy is so vast, omnipresent, and pervasive in our society, is can be difficult for a SubGenius to effectively STRIKE BACK against the non-stop barrage of hypnotic commands emanating from a thousand different sources every day. How can we make ourselves known and let people know how thorough the Con's control is? One way to fight Them is through subversion: infiltrate Them and use Their own rules against them through the act of culture jamming. There are a great number of hidden warriors who use pranks, trolls, creative vandalism, hoaxes, and a plethora of other "grey area" weapons against the Con to show it for the sham it is. This site is a terrific source of information for those who wish to see the archives of the culture jammers. Dave Gross has compiled an extensive list of hackers, parodists, Discordians, and media manipulators who pull off incredible stunts every day – AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!!! It's an inspiration that will make you want to go out and FIGHT for your right to be SUBVERSIVE!