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Focus on the Family

You've heard of Focus on the Family, no doubt – but it's hard to understand just how scary these people are until you see them with your own eyes. An anally retentative "conservative" "Christian" organization (though they make most conservatives look like flaming liberals in comparison), FotF engages in a never-ending battle to protect the children from the evils of movie filth, TV filth, and (of course) homosexuality. They focus on all the hot political buttons, from stem cell research to abortion, but much of their wrath is reserved for pornography, the evils of the media, and (again) those Godless homosexuals.

I swear, the amount of anti-gay hatred seen in groups like this is staggering…yet it pops up, again and again and again. And it's always the same: evil child molesting homosexuals are planning to recruit YOUR children into an alternative lifestyle that is against God! Look at any of these religious-political sites and it always seems to boil down to this.

Dr. James Dobson, the idiot-in-chief of FotF, has his own bully pulpit here, where he defends his actions against the nefarious Spongebob Squarepants by whining how he's doing nothing more than protecting the children from evil in the media. And that evil is, once again, "teaching homosexual propaganda to children!" It's so monotonous, it's predictable.

On FotF's web site, you can get lots of practical advice on how to maintain relationships and marriages, avoiding fights and swearing (don't ever say words like "D—!" in front of your kids), and especially how to live your life according to God's will…or, at least what FotF says is God's will.

These fools are also responsible for a Web site entitled Focus on Your child, which offers advice on how to "help you raise great kids and improve your family's overall health." That sounds well and good, until we take a look at some of the issues for which this site offers "advice." For a while, this Web site offered "advice" to parents using some of the most ridiculous, hateful, anti-homosexual lies you could possibly imagine. Thanks to our friends at the Interet Archive, you can see these hilarious diatribes for yourselves:

However, after these sites were spread all over the Net and FotF was raked over the coals for it, they removed those pages. Now, they have a section entitled Homosexuality and Gender, which is just as full of hatred and contempt as before – but it's more subtle about it. Now the site focuses on "preventing" homosexuality by asking: "Can homosexuality be treated and prevented?" and "Overcoming Homosexuality" Remember, this is a Web site that supposedly offers advice on raising your kids!

FotF sponsors homophobic seminars all over the country, designed to teach the "truth" about homosexuality to those young, impressionable kids. You can see their propaganda for yourself at Love Won Out," which announces, "Focus on the Family is promoting the truth that homosexuality is preventable and treatable — a message routinely silenced today."

And, of course, there's also Plugged In Online, Focus on the Family's very own entertainment web site featuring spiritual reviews of movies, videos, TV, and music! These guys are offended by all of the usual things – namely, anything at all that dares to be offensive and blasphemous. As their review of the animated series American Dad notes: "…a blitz of tasteless material targets God, Christians, Muslims, blacks, the homeless and handicapped people. Seth MacFarlane apparently intends to offend whomever he can with no apologies." The movie reviews seem suspiciously based upon the method used by CAPalert, as they note each movie's "spiritual content," "sexual contant," "profane language," "violent content," and similar categories. You can find an especially outrageous movie like Sin City, and you can bet these guys will hate it: So as not to prolong my own agony (or yours) by continuing to dwell on the sordid details of Sin City, I'll condense my conclusion to 10 words Bruce Willis says onscreen: "There's wrong, and then there's wrong, and then there's this."