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Cast Iron Chaos

Mod Externa…cooking up anarchy and Chaos with a touch of cynical magic.

Welcome to Cast Iron Chaos, a personal exploration of the fringes of belief and order. This site was originally founded as The High Weirdness Project, based upon the principles of crackpotology as found in High Weirdness by Mail (Rev. Ivan Stang, 1988). In the years since its foundation, this site has promoted and encouraged the use of information warfare to expose the hypocrisy and idiocy of the world at large. This Web site was originally founded 1995. In 2011, this site officially embarked in a new direction to pursue paths recently opened up to its founder, E.W. Modemac.

The Only True Magic: A Rationale For Cast Iron Chaos

The Cooking Pot: A Journal

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Chaos Magic

Magic is the mysterious presence that makes us creative, independent, and sentient. Some call it the soul, the qi, the spirit, or just the "essence of life." Magic is creativity.

Chaos Theory

A few of the many thousands of groups and organizations out there that use magic (in one form or another) to inform, manipulate, and control others.

Law and Order

Some say the opposite of Chaos is Law. As the eight-pointed sign of Chaos reaches in all directions to represent infinite possibility, the single upright arrow of Law indicates rigid order.

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