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The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave

The Description of this film seems best done using the process utilized by Aldous Huxley in The Doors of Perception. This Film is the cinematic equivalent of huffing Ambien with your third nostril.

Original Message —–
From: "Doc Martian" <>

Newsgroups: alt.slack
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 11:08 PM
Subject: Re: i'm beginning to watch the greatest film of all time.

> "Doc Martian" <> wrote in message 
> news:VM7xj.11028$Sw6.3672@trnddc06... 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the extreme adventures of super dave. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>> there is exactly one hour and 4 minutes remaining in my 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> viewing 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> of the extreme adventures of super dave. its kind of like the 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> elongation of time in a bad blind date or a test you haven't 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> studied for or when you realize you don't have any toilet 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> paper 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> in the bathroom or a screaming bad headache. in fact, its kind 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> of like all of those put together... plus a really poorly 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> edited viewing of the godfather part iii where cusswords are 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> replaced by epithets like criminy and gadzooks... that and 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> like 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> a ralph nader speech.. a ROUSING ralph nader speech if you 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> know 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> what i mean. thank goodness for fuji... or the movie might 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> really be a drag. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cheers! 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Doc 

>>>>>>>>>>>> 55 minutes left in the greatest film of all time. the dogs are 
>>>>>>>>>>>> howling at the mom of the kid with the heart problem who is 
>>>>>>>>>>>> singing some statler brothers' song. i do believe that some of 
>>>>>>>>>>>> the same writers who made muppets treasure island such a smash 
>>>>>>>>>>>> hit walked on this one. 

>>>>>>>>>>>> Cheers! 
>>>>>>>>>>>> Doc 

>>>>>>>>>>> I thought i'd share with you the high point of the movie so far. 
>>>>>>>>>>> finding this virtual painter digital painting of super dave on 
>>>>>>>>>>> the intarweb. 

>>>>>>>>>>> Cheers! 
>>>>>>>>>>> Doc 

>>>>>>>>>> a poignant moment. the mime removal company comes to take the 
>>>>>>>>>> mimes away. the little boy with the heart problem sez "where are 
>>>>>>>>>> all the mimes going". 

>>>>>>>>>> Cheers! 
>>>>>>>>>> Doc 

>>>>>>>>> i remember when i went to see star trek vi: the undiscovered 
>>>>>>>>> country. it wasn't twice as good as this. i mean that shatner can 
>>>>>>>>> act AND direct. 

>>>>>>>> supe just found his lost mime. a magnificent reunion... as profound 
>>>>>>>> as WOW someone just whacked superdave in the nuts with a golf club. 

>>>>>>> now. some of you are like.... where can i get a copy of the extreme 
>>>>>>> adventures of super dave. here. 

>>>>>>> a small price to pay for maybe the finest comedy of all time. some 
>>>>>>> like it hot? no... some like it super dave. 

>>>>>> 32 minutes left. super dave just ate a bunch of tofu and is becoming 
>>>>>> flatulent. 

>>>>>> super dave is giving himself a pep talk in the mirror. i believe he's 
>>>>>> considering drawing a swastika on his forehead. nope. he's just 
>>>>>> letting a massive wet one rip. 

>>>>>> Cheers! 
>>>>>> Doc 

>>>>> somehow they got ray charles to guest star in this thing. i'd suggest 
>>>>> he get a new agent... but he's dead now. 

>>>>> Cheers! 
>>>>> Doc 

>>>> cinema verite moment as supe agrees to jump half a mile. cooler than 
>>>> ANYTHING nenslo will ever do. not that that takes a lot... but still... 
>>>> it is. 

>>>> Cheers! 
>>>> Doc 

>>> remember the first time you had to deal with your parents stoned? that's 
>>> what this movie is like. painful... lasts forever... enough to make you 
>>> quit doing drugs... no dad... i just went swimming... mom... its 
>>> aftershave... or incense... i have to go to the bathroom... now! 

>> supe just got hit by lightning. the pathos! 

>> Cheers! 
>> Doc 

> remember mystery science theater 3000? they wouldn't have touched this one. 
> 18 minutes left. cold sweats. mild twitching. and a rocket car. i think 
> maybe the people behind this movie spent a LOT of time in a really lax 
> rehab. 

> Cheers! 
> Doc 

i'm thinking a desi/bollywood of this movie is the only way this movie could
be improved upon. i'm in a mild state of pseudo-anaphylexis from how toxic
this film is. like someday, when we hoomans need to clear all life from a
planet before terraforming… this film would do the trick… like regular
running of it on all channels during daytime television would end
unemployment. i'm considering watching sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club
band to clear my mental palette after this. its over. pra"Bob". my submucosal
tissues are swollen from recoiling mentally. no longer is dobbstown needed.
5 successive viewings of this film followed by a showing of Arise and the
zombies are made.