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The Glorious Life of Sachiko Hanai

All right folks, I've got some serious WTF for you all too!

The movie is called The Glorious Life of Sachiko Hanai, and it is proof that the Japanese sexual imagination is a terrible place to be. The movie's plot, insofar as it can be discerned, revolves around the titular (heh) character, Sachiko.

Sachiko is a hot Japanese call girl, I think. She could just be promiscuous too, but the difference is hardly relevant to the movie. The movie's science fiction twist comes when Sachiko gets shot in the head during a gang incident. The bullet in her brain somehow turns her into a genius who reads and absorbs knowledge at a ridiculous rate.

The most memorable part of the movie involves George W. Bush's disembodied finger being telepathically controlled by Bush to violate the poor girl.

This movie is not for the squeamish, and the "plot" doesn't really reward you for what you have seen, but I think this movie may actually be a porn. Sex scenes abound.

This movie looks readily available on the web, but any of you mutants on the Netflix teat can rent the DVD from there too. I wish it were instantly streaming, this would be a great movie to shocky friends with tonight.

Enjoy, and remember that I warned you!

Rev. Karmic Mishap