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The Host

Finally, a real MONSTER movie. Korea. Due to the American military's evil stupidity, toxic chemicals are dumped into the Han river and eventually create a giant FLOPPY land-walking Frankenfish, which proceeds to gobble up dozens of tourists and sun bathers. The dysfunctional Park family, who own a squid 'n' noodles shop nearby, are witnesses to the event, and narcoleptic slacker son Gang-Du's daughter is taken by the fish monster. The authorities and the family, which also includes a daughter who is an Olympic-class archer (plot device) and a wannabe yuppie youngest son, presume that the little girl is dead… until they get a cel-phone call from her. No one in authority believes them, being too busy cooking up a fake viral plague scare in order to quarantine and silence any witnesses. The family needs to marshal all their resources (whatever they might be) and go out and save the little girl. GOOD MONSTER. It's all CGI, but the design is great… very fish-like, not at all reptilian (which seems to be the default monster design). And, as I mentioned before, it's FLOPPY like a fish. It moves cool. It skids around on land, none too sure of its footing, and crashes into things. It also has a prehensile tail and swings like an acrobat under the Han river bridge. The family, which is initially introduced as feckless, stupid and self-centered, end up becoming incredibly heroic and strong, which is a real nice touch, since in most movies the characters don't develop at all. Particularly Gang-Du, who perserveres despite a U.S. Army inflicted lobotomy. Nice comedic touches, too. I liked this VERY much and recommend it.