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The Ketchup and Mustard Man

This one's actually also available, sans pictures, on a CD by Cory McAbee's band The Billy Nayer Show. It's a stream of consciousness narrative with songs, the story being, sort of about a princess who returns from Paris, only there's actually very little about the Princess. More about her sister, Mary, some astronauts, some chickens, Scottsy, Fickey, and the Princesses' kittens, Funta and Funtinte. This one's more like a long-form music video than the other two (Billy Nayer's out since it's not long, and The Man on the Moon's out since it doesn't have a whole lot of songs). It's got some great photography, going between black and white and color, and various types of color and film stock. It might not make a whole lot of sense, but it's both hilarious and visually intriguing. And it's got its own little logic to the story, so it works. The main shots are Cory McAbee as the narrator, which cuts back and forth to Cory McAbee as the titular (and title) character, a hideous yet benign (and probably rather friendly) monster – the monster tends to take more of the singing duties where the Narrator tends to deal more with the actual story, but there's a lot of mixture between the two. Hanging out with the monster is the rest of The Billy Nayer Show, providing the instrumentation and backup vocals, and then mixed in is a lot of other footage from all sorts of sources (although none I could see as obvious stock footage; it looked like it was all shot by the crew). This is probably my favorite of their short films, and it makes for a great record as well. Oddly enough, if you don't mind the occasional swear, you might even be able to show this to children, say, if they're having trouble with monsters and whatever, to show them that even monsters can just be cool people as well. (Actually, I don't think this'd work too well, since there's a lot of death in the stories and songs, but they're FUN death! And one of the deaths leads to the HAM SONG! And it's not like they take place on camera or anything, since none of the characters in the film are actually, y'know, visually IN the film, except for Scottsy and Fickey, which both appear as paintings on the Ketchup And Mustard Man's room, and the Princess and her Half Sister and the Princess' new doctor-husband, all represented by shoes.)