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The Mark of the Mole

Rev. Syung Myung Me: Part one of the Mole Trilogy, or, rather, the first Mole Trilogy, sets the stage for the story of the Moles (underground workers) and the Chubs (Bourgeois Leisure-Types); the Moles' world is flooded, and so they must come up to the world of the Chubs where they face discrimination; the story is a metaphor for underground culture versus mainstream culture, and it's a much darker album than the Residents typically did at the time. It was recorded out of frustration as being seen as "Pop Music Pranksters" (as a result of albums like Duck Stab and The Commercial Album, and to a lesser extent Eskimo) and, as such, it didn't have any elements that could really be seen as amusing. It's a really good album, but I have to admit, it's not one I go back to a lot – it tends to be one of those albums where I have it listed in my brain as a really good album, and when I go back to listen to it, I go "yes, this is a very good album!", but I just don't seem to think to put it on very often. It's definitely worth checking out, though.