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The Master Anti-Smoking Page


I grew up in a family of smokers. My parents have smoked for as long as I've known them, and my three brothers smoke. I don't smoke…and I fear that I may outlive them all. The tobacco industry sold itself to the Conspiracy long ago, and it represents the epitome of the advertising ideal because it filters the concept of advertising down to the bare essentials. In other words, cigarettes cause death. So why do people smoke? Because they wanted to when they first started. And this is where the Conspiracy comes in: it makes people want to smoke, so that they become addicted and keep smoking because they think they have to. From there, people then convince themselves that it's okay to smoke, and that nothing will happen to them despite the fact that their health deteriorates noticably. (And I don't mean twenty or thirty years down the line, either: how many smokers do you know who don't have a continuous hacking cough?) The line I hear from smokers most often is "If these things really do kill me, then that's my choice so shut up!" Some "choice"…people trying to justify their slavery to a corporate product deliberately designed to cause addiction – not to mention death – if it is used in the manner it is intended to be used. The Master Anti-Smoking Page is an exhaustive collection of links to many anti-smoking resources that can help YOU quit smoking, and keep kids from starting!