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The National Cynical Network

Are you tired of music programmed by the Conspiracy to get onto the so-called "top 40?" Originally formed along with Ronald Redball and Al Newport, The National Cynical Network and offers all sort of strange media including many free mp3s (updated semi-regularly), a webcast of 3 streams. And a Words section which includes humorous pieces, essays, experimental writing and poetry.

Phinny discovered "Subgenius" by listening to "The Show" (aka More than an Hour Less Than a Show aka The Puzzling Evidence Show) on KPFA in 1982 and has been a dues-paying member of the Church of the SubGenius since the early 90's. He attended the original X-Day on 7/5/98.

"Dunno, phinny. Zeppo, are there any doubt?"- Zeppo, on Phinny