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Political Conspiracy Theories

"…When you're writing a book on conspiracies, you call swiping 'research.' Everybody does research in everybody else's books all the way back to the Adam of conspiracy books, and to the statement "get your facts straight" I must say HA HA HA that's a good one. Facts and conspiracy research are two different things. Conspiracy research is the act of taking big heaps of hearsay and speculation and shuffling them up together into a bigger heap of hearsay and speculation and pretending all those words and quotes quoting quotes "prove" whatever damn thing you are trying to prove because you ignore anything which doesn't support your argument." – Orton Nenslo, September 3, 1998

Which conspiracy is the real Conspiracy?

Everyone has their own pet conspiracy theory, and of course that is the one conspiracy that is REAL. Whether it's the Faked Moon Landing, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, the Weapons of Mass Destruction, or the Bible Code…if it's YOUR conspiracy theory, then of course you know it's REAL.

That's the great thing about conspiracy theorists: most of them are genuinely trying to bring the TRUTH about their pet conspiracy to you! Many of these people are going out of their way to give important information away to the world for free – unlike the Major Media, who manufacture conspiracies largely to make a profit and keep the masses properly entertained and subdued.

But after a while, all conspiracy theories start to sound the same. There are a couple of problems with conspiracy theories that start to wear on the viewer after a while:

After a while, you begin to get tired of all the cloak-and-dagger stuff and you finally get the urge to find something tangible to prove your conspiracy once and for all. But by then, of course, the conspiracy has taken action to ensure that your final proof is properly buried, suppressed, or discredited…and so you have no choice but to embark upon a crusade to bring the truth about the Great Conspiracy to the world!

Thus, we provide you with links to those selfless researchers and crusaders who want nothing more than to OPEN YOUR EYES and let you see the truth about that one special conspiracy – the TRUE one – that is keeping YOU from realizing just how evil They are!

Get Yer Politics Out

Alex Jones

Currently the king of American modern media conspiracy theorists. Drop by…get scared…and get MAD!


Current news stories and news feeds catering to conspiracy theorists.

A-Albionic Research: The Paradigm Project

Conspiracy theories from a pro-British (but anti-royal Family) point of view.

Christians Against Mental Slavery

Because orbital mind control rays aren't only evil – they're a sin, too.

Conspiracy Nation

Among the most well-known conspiracy theory researchers of the newsgroup alt.conspiracy.

Conspiracy Planet

Regularly updated, with an emphasis on book reviews, video reviews, and news blurbs from current news stories.


A commentary blog dedicated to exposing the evil terrorist forces running the country…and the world.

Exotic Warfare

Photographic proof of the secret energy beams being used on us all.

FSK's Guide to Reality

An anti-income tax blog that declares: "I want to do useful work, get paid, and not have to report it for taxation, confiscation, and regulation."

Holocaust Revisionism

Ridiculously naive, self-deluded idiocy about the Holocaust, a.k.a. "Holocaust revisionism."

John Birch Society

The Kooks Museum

Donna Kossy's now-legendary collection of kook writings, crackpot theories, and unique personalities.

The Liberty Dollar

An alternative currency that seeks to avoid the control of the massive conspiracy that governs United States money.

The Mind Control Forum

The Orbital Mind Control Lasers have their sights on this guy.

The Open Mind Forum

Uncovering the secret Clinton-era law designed to erase the entire national debt.

Paranoia magazine

The Time magazine of conspiracy theories.

The Resistance Manifesto

Media darling Mark Dice and his warnings about the upcoming invasion of Satanic terminator robots.

Rex Curry

Did you know the Nazi one-arm salute took its origins from the USA's Pledge of Allegiance? Neither did I – but this guy does!

Rigorous Intuition

A Canadian conspiracy and "high weirdness" site. Their motto: "What you don't know can't hurt them."

Save The Males

Feminism is actually the end result of a massive Illuminati conspiracy!

My Sinister Cat is trying to kill me

What can you do when your pet wants to kill you and your husband or wife doesn't want you to get rid of it? Good question! A common question! A question that most of us has asked at one time in our lives!

Slack Off

What to do on your last day of work so that nobody there will ever forget you.

Steamshovel Press

The Fortean Times of conspiracy theories - with more of a sense of humor than Paranoia.


A wiki encyclopedia dedicated to conspiracy theories.

Vigilant Citizen

Valiantly exploring and uncovering the hidden occult symbolism occurring all around us, all the time.

The War on Terror

Did 2,500 people really die on September 11, 2001 – or was it all a massive conspiracy? (Answer: DUH!)