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Little Fyodor


Fellow mutants, you MUST experience the spastic seizures of the incomparable LITTLE FYODOR and BABUSHKA, the 85-year-old wrinkled arthritic sex goddess! Picture David Byrne in that old "Once in a Lifetime" video, multiply his frazzled nerd postures by one hundred, and you might come close to the hopeless futility projected by Little Fyodor. He is a TRUE MUTANT, and when we saw him perform at XX-Day 1999, his very first song "I Am Insane" brought the crowd to attention and had us all SCREAMING after only a few minutes! If Fyodor didn't know what to expect when he came to Brushwood, then neither did we - and he gave us everything he had! Babushka rocked the keyboard in a way that made Einstein's Secret Orchestra weep with envy. Crowd members proclaimed him so weird he makes DEVO look normal. He screamed, gyrated, jerked, lusted, wandered into the crowd and had an epileptic seizure (and audience members shone flashlights on him so we could see it all), played songs like "Get Out Of My Head" and a remake of "This Diamond Ring" and "Everybody's Fucking," and the audience screamed "Babushka, you sexy thing!" and demanded MORE MORE MORE! (Ivan Stang's comments on Little Fyodor: "I saw this guy in Denver and said, 'Man, have I got an audience for YOU!'" ) Fyodor had brought a box of swag to sell, and he sold it all - CDs, cassettes, T-shirts, and LPs. He and Babushka stayed and watched the rest of XX-Day, right up to the Rupture. I'm confident that our insidious cult has captured two more celebrities, and I'm sure we'll be seeing LOTS more from Little Fyodor at future Devivals and events.