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Anarchists Hackers and Revolutionaries

Here's another favorite target of the media and the government: hackers. Much has been made of the fact that security on the Internet is often lax, and the entire system has big holes in it that desperately need to be fixed. That's where the hackers come in - they're showing us how sloppy the system really is, and they're challenging the system by doing so! The "Hacker Ethic" is a simple and wise one: Information wants to be free.

2600: The Hacker Quarterly

The longest-lived and most popular hacker magazine; even today, every issue contains things THEY don't want you to see.


Listserv carrying news of interest to anarchists.

Anarchist News

Anarchist news site (duh).

The Anarchist Pogo Party of Deutschland

Albeit in German, theirs is the finest Party Political Broadcast of all time.

Anarchists Against the Wall


Anarchist news site.

ANONYMOUS: The Insurgent Wiki

A wiki dedicated to the exploits of ANONYMOUS, the hackers on steroids from 4chan.

Bob Black

The famous loud-mouthed anarchist.


Not UFO crap – these guys expose real government cover-ups.

The Center for a Stateless Society

The Cult of the Dead Cow

The famous hacker collective responsible for numerous exposés of flaws in Microsoft Windows.

Government Liquidation

A military-surplus equipment suppler that sells just about anything - cheap!

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Venerable anarcho-syndicalist labor union.

Infoshop News

Anarchist news source.

Irrepressible Info

Amnesty International's campaign to expose censorship on the Internet.

Technical geeks who love hacking electronic devices – legally.


The video-sharing site for whistle-blowers to expose hidden and suppressed videos.

Lucy Parsons Center

The anarchist book store and activist center in the Boston area.

Mutualist Blog -- Free Market Anti-Capitalism

Great anarchist blog from a free market, anti-capitalist viewpoint.

Papers Please

Because we really don't live in the land of Big Brother, where IDs are required at all times…

Russ Kick

The master of uncovering hidden and "dangerous" sources of information!


Listserv carrying news of interest to anarchists and activists.

Strictly No Photography

A site for people to share photographs taken in places that don't allow pictures.

A site that wants to get as many people ticked off as possible, by providing controversial weapons documents and sick and twisted videos.

U.S. Cavalry

A neat (and legal) supplier of surplus military gear, light weapons, and other fun toys.


A wiki dedicated to whistle-blowing and exposing secret documents to the world.