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Fringe Resources

The Net is home to many strange, wonderful, outrageous, and just plain weird sources of information. While a vast number of narrow-minded dupes have fallen over themselves trying to make a "profit" from the limitless potential of the Net, others have seen the online networks as a way to bring their message to the masses. One of the great advantages of the Net is that it gives anyone access to the entire world, and this advantage is gleefully being used by a number of well-meaning folks who could not hope to reach the number of people they are reaching now – thanks to the Net.

The people and organizations listed below have selflessly dedicated themselves to enlightening the world and making their ideas and beliefs known…ideas and beliefs that are, shall we say, well removed from the mainstream (and perhaps even from some levels of sanity). These are the conspiracy theorists, the UFO believers, the kooks, and the ones who know the world is being controlled by a vast, intricate network of insidious power brokers…and they offer a number of various one true methods for us all to open our eyes and wake up and realize how we're being controlled. They've dedicated themselves to fighting their chosen enemies…but they don't realize the enemies they're fighting are there because they feel better when they oppose an unseen, faceless enemy. The words of author and magician Alan Moore are appropriate here: "The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the 12 foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control. The truth is more frightening: nobody is in control. The world is rudderless."

But nevertheless, they do provide us with a great deal of fun entertainment.

The people and organizations listed here are the fun kooks – they're the ones we enjoy reading because their works are so outrageous and (sometimes) overblown, we can't tear our eyes away from them. They're the reason why we love looking for kook writings and publications. You won't find stuff like this anywhere else! (That may not necessarily be a bad thing.) But you should also remember that these folks have made it their life's work to bring this information to you, often with very little expectation that they will ever earn back the investment of money and effort they've put into their research. That's another reason why fringe material is interesting: it's heart-felt, unfiltered by corporate interests, and (sometimes) even honest. And most important of all is the idea that within the lies, there may indeed be a grain of truth.

Of course, there are also the dangerous kooks – the ones who make your blood boil, and who incite anger and outrage with the realization that bastards like this are not only surviving and thriving, they're destroying innocent lives through their machinations. Those kooks can be found on this Web site, with an encouragement for you to Know Your Enemy.

The Daily Grail

One of the biggest and most popular "fringe news" sources around.

Fortean Times

The classic source of mysterious, fun weirdness.

Illuminated Site of the Week

The long-running feature from Steve Jackson Games.


The study of crackpots on the Interweb.

Prison Planet

Alex Jones' news service designed to scare you with the latest political conspiracies.

Strange Magazine

American counterpart to the Fortean Times.

The Unknown Country

Bizarre news stories that follow in the footsteps of the Weekly World News.

Weekly World News

The venerable weirdness tabloid, which disappeared from supermarkets everywhere (alas!) in 2007.