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The Pink Swastika

An age-old propaganda technique is the tactic of bringing together a number of unfounded, vague allegations, publish them in with a carefully detailed design so that the book looks "official," and try to pass it off as a genuine "scholarly work" that the Conspiracy can use to further its cause of lies and hatred. This is why the idiotic Protocols of the Elders of Zion are still being used as "proof" of the International Jewish Conspiracy to rule the world…and now a new propaganda publication has been published, with the supposed purpose of "revealing" the links between homosexuality and Nazi Germany. The obvious purpose of The Pink Swastika is to claim that homosexuality should be reviled the way racism is reviled. Of course, like all pieces of propaganda this publication falls apart when closely examined…especially when you look at the Web site hosting this thing. Abiding Truth Ministries proudly proclaims its stupidity and hatred, as they gives you the opportunity to HATE and think that God is on your side! (A detailed analysis of this work is available online at The Annotated Pink Swastika.)