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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Say the words "cult classic"…SAY IT! I guarantee you this movie popped into your head.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the King (well..more like, Queen) of the Midnight Movies, and the only audience participation movie that doesn't suck (least not in a bad way).

See Tim Curry as you will never see him again, playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter. He's actually thin in this movie, and dammit he's the hottest person in the picture.

Do you remember doing the TIME WARP? If you don't you were probably watching this on T.V.

There is a Friday Night showing of this Holy Gem of Bulldada in your town, and if there's not, then JHVH-1 orders you to burn down your neighborhood movie theater to the ground and salt the earth.

See Galactic Transvestites torture Pinks by getting them laid and making them dance like drag queens.

Bring your newspapers, rice, lighters, party favors and plastic gloves to your movie theater (if it's not already torched) and join in the wildest party you'll ever see before X-Day!