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The Seventh Fire

How about a combination of generic New Age Crap and conspiracy theories? These folks are out to sell you all of the usual feel-good crap, drawn from all of the most popular fringe "alternative therapy" sources: "herbal" remedies, "miracle" soap and cleaning products, and even a "debt elimination" program! These guys really think of everything……except that they also subscribe to all of the most popular conspiracy theories, dealing with everything from "chemtrails" to the so-called "Zionist conspiracy behind 9/11." They touch on flouridation, the Illuminati, the New World Order, "Zionism vs. Jews," and the evils of George W. Bush.

And here's the real problem with these guys: in the midst of all this Seventh Fire crap, sales pitches for herbal junk, and conspiracies, I don't think they give us a single original thought or unique concept! We've seen it all before, and often in better and more entertaining ways. But apparently the folks at Seventh Fire think that if they throw everything together into one big mish-mash of pablum, maybe they'll rope in a few suckers who haven't already heard this stuff on the Art Bell radio show.