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The Singing Ringing Tree

Back in the '60s and early '70s, the BBC bought in a lot of children's television from europe, some of it from The East. Back before the internet and VHS and DVD releases of classic television it would be quite common in conversations between people 'of a certain age' to come out with a question along the lines of

"do you remember that Czec/Polish/German/Romanian thing that had the dwarf…?"
"blimey! yes. the thing with the prince who turned into the bear…"
"and the weird horse… and the fish…?"
"wasn't there a selfish princess in it?"

and so on.

Eventually, someone would say "TALES FROM EUROPE"

and someone else would say "THE SINGING RINGING TREE"

and everyone would comment on how weird it was, and how they were freaked by it.

In actuality, this was an East German movie for children from 1957 which was chopped down into several episodes and over dubbed with an English narration.

Still odd. Still memorable.