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The Truth For Youth

Some of the scariest hate propaganda in our society is being written especially for kids. In order to protect the children against such evils as homosexuality, pornography, and liberalism, closed-minded Bible-beating nutjobs are publishing booklets and "comic books" meant to appeal to young kids. The information presented in these publications is often wildly inaccurate and frightfully biased…but hey, it's all to protect the children! If these folks have to scare kids out of their wits in order to force them to read the Bible (and force-feed their messages down the kids' throats), then so be it!

So it is with The Truth For Youth. This site is designed to scare…err, I mean teach…kids about the evils of pornography, school violence, rock music, and homosexuality. As for the scientific accuracy of the information these folks try to pass along to the kids, you should certainly check out this page declaring there's no such thing as "safe" sex for one simple example. I'm sure you know that condoms are actually so ineffective against pregnancy and STDs that there's little point in wearing them at all…right?