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Quantum Jumping

Some New Age gurus want to sell you the secrets of astral projection or soul travel, but these guys take it a step further. Burt Godman Presents Quantum Jumping – none other than the ability to travel to parallel universes!

(Of course, the term "quantum jumping" itself may remind you of the TV show Quantum Leap, in which the main character jumped to different points in time. Surely these guys weren't influenced by that show?)

At least this guy is honest enough to come right out and say it on the front page of this site:

Quantum Jumping is the process of "jumping" into parallel dimensions, and gaining skills, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself.
…Are you still with me? Did that sound crazy? It did to me at first – and that’s precisely why I’ve been holding on to it until the right time, a time when someone like you would be willing to open your mind to it.

After all, there's no better teacher then yourself, right? All you have to do is use this unbelievable super power to travel to one of an infinite number of parallel universes, and find the one that suits you. From there, you only need to meet yourself, and let yourself be taught by yourself! From there, it seems as though you've magically acquired a new skill, such as the ability to write novels when you were never able to before. You'd think that access to parallel worlds would allow you to take over the world and become enormously powerful…and, maybe that's the case. How do we know the world's richest billionaires aren't actually secretly getting their wealth from other universes?!?

And best of all – they'll sell you the secrets of how to jump into parallel universes for only $247! (Actually, it's on sale for only $127!) See this offer for yourself at their Special One Time Offer page.

Now, who could refuse an offer like THAT?