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This Is Why You're Fat

Quite simply, this is a regularly-updated picture blog that encourages people to send pictures of the most disgustingly unhealthy, overdone, fat-and-calorie-saturated foods ever created. And in today's American society, people and businesses have become really creative when it comes to creating oversized gut-busting monster foods. What's more, all the pictures of this blog are pictures of real food! Imagine deep-fried cupcakes and cheese sandwiches…gigantic five-pound hamburgers with fifteen or twenty meat patties between the buns…incredible sausages with mounds and mounds of greasy toppings…desserts that could feed an entire roomful of people…it's all here. And what's more, many of these foods look delicious. Just looking at some of the foods shown here may be enough to induce a heart attack – but a lot of these will make you hungry, and wonder how you could go about making these things for yourself! (I've always wanted to try a turducken – a duck cooked inside a chicken, cooked inside a turkey – but these guys top it with the yummy turbaconducken, which is a turducken wrapped in bacon!)