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Tim Boucher

If you hear the term "Occult Investigator," you might think of a Sam Spade-type detective prying into secret societies. Evidently that's what this guy thought, too, when he decided to call himself an Occult Investigator. To be more accurate, he's an occult researcher, and his Web site is full of opinionated articles he's written as a result of his research. It makes for interesting reading…and he freely admits to be inspired by John Constantine from the Hellblazer comic (not the movie). He also has his own blog (doesn't everyone these days?), where he makes daily comments and invites people to comment on them.

Tim's comments are mostly down-to-earth. If you expect to see wild tales of spiritual possessions, exorcisms, and conspiracy theories, you'll be disappointed. He's not a big fan of that stuff.