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Time To Go

A series of articles by Chris Morris under the pseudonym "Richard Geefe", started as "Second Class Male", ending as "Time To Go". The "Second Class Male" ones were merely about an upper-class loser, though near the end of the run, he decides that he'll commit suicide on a certain date – thus the name change to "Time To Go". Of course, people start paying attention to him, and he becomes popular at this point, making him less inclined to want to kill himself.

This series was loosely based on the Suicide Journalist monologue from Blue Jam, though the circumstances in the monologue were different – the monologue's journalist was diagnosed with a termanal disease and was going to kill himself to avoid the pain, as a form of euthenasia, rather than just being depressed like Geefe. Strangely, though, people thought that Geefe was real, despite the concept being lifted from Blue Jam and the decidedly Morris-esque word usage in the column. Even Chris Morris was surprised that people didn't realize it was a joke, to the point of giving an (incredibly rare for him) interview about the controversy.

The complete Geefe Articles, plus an article about them.