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Tinkerbell Nursery

Remember "Baby Alive" and all those lifelike baby dolls they showed on TV commercials when you were a kid? This site takes that concept about one thousand percent further, to its natural conclusion. Putting an amazing amount of effort into the construction of each one of these dolls, Tinker Bell Nursery has produced some of the the most lifelike – and disturbing – baby dolls ever made. According to their Web site, they sell them on eBay and get hundreds or thousands of dollars for each doll! The dolls are even specially weighted to feel real when you hold them in your arms. To increase the illusion of life and make you empathize with them even more, they don't even refer to the dolls' construction process as "building" or "manufacturing." Rather, they call it "reborning" – as if they were taking something dead and bringing it back to life.

To be honest, I'm somewhat skeptical here. Can we really make dolls that are so lifelike…or is there some CGI involved and we're looking at an elaborate put-on?

Comment by Rev. Pythia: "There are thousands of fanatic doll collectors out there who would want something like this. Even moreso, I expect that these would be popular with the people who have had late term miscarriages or stillborn babies. It reminds me of the websites that enshrine pictures of miscarried fetuses complete with full names and death stats." – posted to alt.slack on August 6, 2007