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The ancient (?) science of drilling a hole in your head to achieve enlightenment has NOT beeen lost…indeed, it's entered the 21st century on a bend! The idea here is that the hole in the skull eases some of the pressure on the brain, producing a sensation not unlike that achieved through the use of hallucinogens. Like many other weird "artistic" movements, trepanation reached the height of its popularity (how popular can this thing be, anyways?) in the mid-1960s, when an actual trepanation was filmed and released to theaters under the title Heartbeat in the Brain. I'm not sure if this is the same as the video sold at the "official" trepanation Web site under the title A Hole in the Head, but you can always see for yourself (of course, it costs $19.95 for the video). But wait, there's more! Be sure to check out the history of head-hole-drilling, and download the trepanation coloring book!