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Trinity Foundation

What do the televangelists fear almost as much as God himself? It sure ain't the government or the FBI – after all, they're still raking in dough by the millions, even in the aftermath of the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker scandal, the Jimmy Swaggart scandal, and others. No, if there's one group that makes them quake in their expensive shoes, it's the Trinity Foundation and its founder, Ole ( pronounced "oh-lee" ) Anthony. ( The televangelists refer to him as "Ole Antichrist." ) Anthony has been described as one of those genuinely generous and caring persons who really does goes out of his way to help people – so much so that the Trinity Foundation is usually strapped for cash. They're always seeking donations, not just of money but also of vehicles. The Foundation works to provide shelter and food to needy families, which has brought them praise and acclaim. But more infamously, they are also known as the Detectives for Christ, because they are engaged in a lengthy campaign to investigate the dirty secrets of the televangelists.

These are the guys who exposed Robert Tilton, by discovering trash bins full of unanswered letters and pleas for prayer and healing dumped outside his bank (Tilton claims the letters were "planted" there to defame him). They love dumpster-diving to discover the purchase receipts of the extravagant purchases of the televangelists, and they eagerly (perhaps obsessively) pore over religious hucksters' videos, looking for clues that may point to wrongdoing in the name of God.

What's more, these guys even have a sense of humor! They're the publishers of The Wittenburg Door, billed as "The World's Pretty Much Only Religious Satire Magazine." (Well, since the Stark Fist of Removal goes several years between issues, they just might be right!) This magazine has no shortage of subjects to make fun of, either; they've been around for 200 issues and are still going strong! Issue #200 featured a take-off on Hal Lindsey ( "There's A New Wife Coming" ), the Loser of the Month (and they even chose themselves), and religious email spam ( "U.S. Justice Department Seeks Indictment of God on Charges of Illegal E-mails" ). They also produced a weekly segment of Comedy Central's The Daily Show – and it was hosted by none other than Joe Bob Briggs!