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Twisted Kaiju Theater

What do you get when a hardcore Japanese monster movie fan gets his hands on a digital camera and a Web site? You get Twisted Kaiju Theater, a webcomic that can be best described as a rude, crude, low-budget Toy Story. The premise: The day-to-day lives of Japanese monster toys who live on the shelf of a hardcore toy collector. The creator of the strip, "Shin-Goji" ( "True Godzilla" ), plays himself (as a midget Godzilla), and he brings his roommate and a couple of buddies along for the ride.

This one had my wife laughing so hard she nearly needed a diaper. I agree that it's uniquely sick and twisted. It has adult themes to it, but nothing that you'd consider outright "offensive." The series wavers back and forth between toilet humor "poop jokes" ( which are usually the funniest ones, considering that we're talking about toy figures whose crap are actually Japanese candies called "lemon sours" ), interspersed with the occasional "epic" storyline that has a lot more intricate and well-done special effects.

The fan-art section of the site specializes on the Kaiju Girls. Here's where the furry-fetish aspect of the fans comes into play, because the K-Girls usually appear in softcore porn scenes. Imagine a 150-foot-tall, green-scaled, large-breasted, naked woman rampaging through Tokyo, and you'll see the appeal of "G.I.N.A." and her friends. Naturally, the K-Girls are just as popular as the comic strip itself.