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If anyone wants to see the weather in all it's ass-kicking, Ride-It-Ahab glory, watch this movie.

"You can really feel it through a Telefoto lens!"--Dusty

Helen Hunt plays a female Ahab named Jo, searching for the F5 Tornado Bastard that killed her father.

Bill Paxton plays a storm whispering Stormchaser turned "weatherman" turned back into a storm whispering Stormchaser, named, well, Bill.

Cary Elwes plays a Pink Assoulistic "rival stormchaser" who deserves to get sucked into a Vortex from Hell.

Together with a band of cool out-of-control misfits and a sad-but-funny naive Jami Gertz (Bill's Wife); Bill and Jo go on a fun visual roller-coaster ride through your television set.

This is one of those movies I love to watch repeatedly and quote often. If you listen close to the dialogue, there are several references in the movie to other great badfilms such as Repo Man. Also coincidently (bulldadaistically) everytime I watch this movie, thunderstorms pop up the same day after watching it.

Fav Quotes:

Melissa: "When you said you chased tornadoes, deep down I always thought it was a metaphor."
Jo: "Cow…."
Melissa (on her cellphone):"I've gotta go, we've got cows"
Jo: "…'Nother cow"
Bill: "Actually I think it's the same one."