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UFO How-To

"Luke Fortune, who is not a debunker, has released over 3400 pages of proof that man has had the ability to build UFO craft, in replicable form over the last 100 years."

However, the materials found in this proof aren't the kind of things you can buy at your local hardware store. Luke Fortune (assuming that's his real name) has been combing the US Patent Office archives since 1997 (and other countries' patents, too) looking for hidden and suppressed technologies. The result is a massive series of six 500-page volumes – and the titles of these books alone give you an idea of what's in them:

Why is he making all this information available? For the good of mankind, of course. Luke has spent years sifting through millions (!) of patents to find the ones that actually seem real and beneficial. So, by making it all available on one site, then the world will surely beat a path to his door and use his discoveries to improve the quality of life for everyone!

(Unless he's censored by the Military-Industrial Complex, of course.)

Be sure to check out his video page where he gives a complete presentation on how you can build your own ship!