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UFOs and Their Ranks

Beverly Fox, the former state director of MUFON's Roswell, New Mexico chapter, is so concerned about the coming End Times and their connections with increased UFO sightings and abductions that she wrote an entire book – actually, make that three entire books – and placed them on her Web site so that you can read them for free! As you know, UFOs are actually an occult phenomenon devised by Satan to fool Mankind and tempt him away from Jesus, and those aliens abducting poor innocent victims aren't really from outer space; they're the spirit remains of the first civilization ruled by Lucifer who became Satan. So if you see a UFO, beware! It's actually Satan tempting you away from Jesus.

All three of Beverly's books are available on her Web site for you to read: UFOs and Their Ranks, The Agenda, and the fictional UFOs-and-God novel, Earth: The Forbidden Planet. (She also sells copies of Earth: The Forbidden Planet, at [1] (Like her non-fiction UFO book, you can read it for free on her Web site. She describes this book as "the Christian answer to Harry Potter.") However, finding the links to her books can be difficult, because her Web site is designed in a manner that screams kook! from the first moment you look at it. A long, rambling, unending home page, crammed with dozens of random links related to UFOs, Bible prophecy, and links toWorldnet Daily, her favorite news service. Eventually, you'll find the links to her three books scattered throughout her home page. Take a gander and be in awe of her insights into ghosts UFOs, Atlantis, alien visitors, and the real reason why no extraterrestrials have visited Earth. (They're forbidden from doing so until Armageddon arrives and Satan is defeated at last!)