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Unarius Academy of Science


The UFO nuts hate these guys because they're among the most obviously bogus of the saucer cults...and they're proud of it. If you want an introduction to the sort of "Benevolent Cosmic Space Brothers" stuff you're likely to find from saucer fanatics, this is a great place to start. They've got it all: a prophecy of a starship from the Pleiades landing in the Bermuda Triangle in 2001; a sizable of library of books with titles like Keys to the Universe, Communications From Outer Space, Biography of an Archangel, and enough New Age cosmic-equilibrium bulldada to make you choke. If this stuff seems too silly for you, just remember: all of the other UFOlogists are spouting this same silly dogma, but they're trying to make it look more "serious" and "scientific."

"This is utterly the kookiest religion ever created! Ruth Gordon believes that she single handedly tamed Satan himself, with the help of extraterrestrial "space brothers" in their UFOs. Her followers all dress in funky clothing and make bizarre films about their beliefs with high special-effects budgets. You have to read this page. Make it your first dive into kookdom." -- Psycho Dave