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Universal Life Church

If there's such a thing as a "generic religion," this is it. The Universal Life Church was founded in the 1960s as a way for people to dodge the draft (this was during the days of the Vietnam War), based on the belief that "everyone is already a member of the Universal Life Church and is just not aware of it as yet." This faith has no real central tenets other than belief in the freedom for everyone to worship as they please. This is well and good…but it's awfully boring, because there's nothing more than that. Nevertheless, this sect has had some tough times because some of their members tried to rip off the IRS by claiming religious exemption from paying taxes…which only reinforces my belief that all religions should be taxed. You can get your official ordainment certificate at this Web site, and you'll receive a confirmation through email a few hours after that.

The Universal Life Church has successfully defended its religious status in court a number of times. The upshot of this is that a ULC minister can "legally" marry people in the eyes of several states in the United States (but not everywhere). Therefore, many pagan ministers have also obtained ULC ordination certificates.

However, even a free-for-all organization like the ULC has had its schisms and political battles. For one example of a ULC splinter group, you can check out:

The Monastery

Rev. John writes:

"The Monastery was kicked out of the Universal life Church at Modesto, California. I read in our knowledge base about other sites claiming affiliation to One in particular is, the If any of you are looking to them, please run the other way! They are a joke, and our real ULC here is wise to distance themselves from them. Get this, they offer certificates to be a Jedi Knight!!! No, I'm not kidding!!!

"We should continue to always be grateful for being in the true ULC, where they take the truth seriously."

– Rev. John