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Untitled TODCRA Productions Project

In 2001, TODCRA Productions created a radio series for a college radio station. It was recorded in approximately 2 weeks in that summer, and started airing the the beginning of the school year, and went through until the end of the semester, for approximately 15 episodes. Thanks to VOX making it so you don't actually need to have web-space or anything to do your own podcasting (… or mp3 blog, really, but they probably kinda frown on that), the full series is going to be available again, one-episode-per-week, posted each Sunday. Feel free to check it out, put it in your podcast downloadin' thing or whatnot. Also, there'll be notes and whatnot on each episode, or at least, each episode that I remember enough about to really have anything to say about it. Um, a lot of those will probably just be "Uh, this one um, was recorded. And now here it is. Enjoy!".

Aside from the oddball first episode, the series has non-narrative episodes that combine into a narrative arc into the brain of an insane guy. Jaysuz, that sounds pretentious, doesn't it? I'm actually pretty proud of it, though. Probably the best thing TODCRA's ever done. Or at least, I think so. It's probably the thing I'm the most proud of anyway.